Dubai Fish Souk

Dubai fish souk is located in Deira, and you will see different varieties of fishes in giant tubs and barrels. You can find loads of fishes in the market. You can purchase any types of fish from the market. You can find mackerel, shark, sardine, hammor fish, barracuda, tuna, crab, lobster, pomfrets, sea bream, squid, king prawn, red snapper, king fish and rock cod. In the Dubai fish souk, you can find seasonal specialties and regulars. Blue lobster and baby sharks lure the attention of most visitors. Your excitement will go up to see the unloading of fish crates in the souk.

The seafood and fishes available at the souk is fresh. As you know, fish markets have irritating smell, and they look dirty. Same rule is applicable to Dubai fish souk. If you cannot stand the butchers and irritating smells, then you should not visit Dubai fish souk. You can wear old clothes and footwear as they may get spoilt. If you want to visit the Dubai fish souk, then mornings and late nights are the best time. Photographers have abundant opportunities to take photos at the fish souk. Photographers can take pictures of bizarre fishes and the abundance of fish.

Fishes available at Dubai fish souk are the cheapest in Dubai. The fish souk is surrounded by Dubai landmarks like Gold souk, Hyatt Hotel, and Deira Creek. You can find a bus terminal near the fish souk so that you can reach the souk easily, even though you are not hiring taxis. You can reach the Dubai fish souk using metro as Palm Deira metro station is situated in proximity to the fish souk. Just like other souks in Dubai, you can haggle to get fishes at a cheaper price. Thus, the fish market is always bustling with the selling of fishes.

The Dubai fish souk is open from 10am to 1pm and then from 4pm to 10pm, on Saturday through Thursday. On Fridays, the souk is open from 2pm-10pm. Parking is the major problem in fish souk. During weekends the public parking spaces will be filled with cars and other vehicles. This pose difficulties for customers to find a parking space near the fish market. Sometimes fish delivery vehicles also cannot be able to find a parking space near the Dubai fish souk.

You can get the seafood available at the Dubai fish souk cleaned, descaled and filleted by paying additional money. Most of the vendors are selling fishes at the same prices, even though you can haggle on the prices. You can purchase fresh fishes from the market. Dubai fish souk is not a tourist attraction, but you can see the various types of sea food and fishes displayed here. At the Dubai fish souk, more emphasis is given to wholesale. Individuals also can buy fish from the souk. You can even purchase sharks and baby sharks from Dubai fish souk. Visit Dubai fish souk to buy different varieties of fishes which are fresh. You may find fishes which you did not hear at the fish souk.
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